Our popular all day breakfast includes a variety of bacon and eggs, omelettes, eggs benedict, with gluten free and vegetarian options. Lighter choices include fruit toast, toasted banana bread or muesli.

breakfast $16.50
bacon, eggs, grilled tomato and toast

big breakfast $22.00
sausage, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomato and toast

café delissio breakfast $28.50
sausage, bacon, mushrooms, hashbrown, house made baked beans, eggs, grilled tomato and toast

scrambled eggs on toast $8.00

vegetarian breakfast $22.00
eggs, avocado, mushrooms, grilled tomato, ricotta, hashbrown and toast

bangers & beans $8.50
sausages with house made baked beans and toast

eggs benedict
poached eggs on english muffins with baby spinach and hollandaise sauce
plain $11.50 | ham $16.50 | bacon $18.00 | salmon $20.50

B.R.A.T. $17.50
bacon, ricotta, avocado & tomato served with turkish bread 

cheese omelette served with bacon and toast $16.00

bacon & egg roll $8.90
bacon, egg and a house made onion jam

fruit toast
served with butter $4.50 | with honey add $0.60

cinnamon toast $4.50

banana bread $9.50
toasted with ricotta and a drizzle of honey

muesli $8.90
served with yogurt, milk and a drizzle of honey

breakfast extras
mushrooms add $3.50 | tomato add $2.00 | onion add $1.00 | salmon add $9.00 | baby spinach add $3.00 | ricotta add $2.50

house-made baked beans $4.50
mushrooms $3.50 
sausage $2.00 
house made baked beans $4.50 
grilled tomato $3.50 
hashbrown $2.00 
avocado $4.00 
fresh asparagus $3.00
baby spinach $3.00
ricotta $2.50
gluten free bread/turkish bread $1.00